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All About Rebates

With so many different schemes and subsidies around for solar systems, it can be tricky to work out what it all really means!


We always operate with full transparency on our quotes and are happy to explain in detail how each of these schemes could impact the ultimate cost of your solar system. 


The Solar Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Scheme is a State Subsidy, currently valued at $1400 for 4kw+ solar photovoltaic (pv) system.


As it is incrementally reduced over time, please visit to view the latest amount. 

Additionally, there is an $1400 fee-free, interest-free loan available directly through Solar Victoria. 

To be eligible, customers must meet the following requirements: 
-Combined Annual Income of less than $180k

-Property Value less than $3mil (based off council rates)

-Be Owner-Occupied 


There is also a rebate of the same $1400 value available for landlords/tenants.

The battery storage rebate is currently $3500 for eligible systems of 5kw+. 

Whichever rebate you may be interested in applying for, we are able to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

These are a Federal Subsidy, offering a point of sale customer discount off the total cost of your solar pv system. 

They are essentially a Carbon Trading Scheme. The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) assigns a dollar value to the future generation of your solar system and these certificates are on-sold to offset other businesses’ pollution. 

In this way, your clean energy generation is contributing to a carbon neutral future, not only by saving on your usage of dirty energy, but by offsetting others' dirty energy usage. We think that's pretty awesome! 

The STCs are claimed by us after the commissioning of your solar system, and appear on your invoice as an amount off the total cost. 

For more information, please visit 

We are always happy to answer any questions related to STCs and provide further clarification. 

Solar Feed In Tariff


The last part of the puzzle relates to the surplus energy your solar system can produce.


The energy generated by your system is free for direct, immediate self-consumption. So when the sun is shining, you are able to use that energy straight away. 

Any excess energy is exported to the grid at approximately 11 cents/kwh, depending on your energy provider. This appears as a credit on your electricity bill. 

You will pay a higher rate to purchase energy back from the grid for nighttime usage (unless you have a battery storage system).

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